Bad mouthing Bangalore

I saw that someone at Business-Standard had the guts to use this title for his opinion: “Kolkata gets Bangalored“. And around the same time, Ajay pointed us to his thoughts via our “suggest a story” feature. The essence was: why is it that Bangalore has to be bad-mouthed for another city to get importance?

Check out Bangalore’s blogosphere and you will find 90% of people, many of them Bangaloreans, complaining, yours truly included! But in the middle of these troubled times, let me give you some perspective.

In spite of all the talk about Bangalore crumbling, IT folks getting frustrated and more, nobody is going anywhere. I check around my acquaintance circle and only find folks moving in from Noida and Kolkata. I do some hiring at Pune, and more than half of good resumes come from Bangalore. If we like some, half the times we cant convince them to move out of Bangalore!

Go to Pune, the prime “challenger” city. You will learn that two weeks of rain is all it takes to shave all the tar off the roads. The municipality-constructor mafia seems to run a lot deeper there.

I haven’t seen a lot of Chennai and Hyderabad recently to pass opinions about infrastructure there. Even if I had, there is no point in putting other cities down. But I can tell you this. Bangaloreans themselves are the biggest reason for this noise about Bangalore. And that is a good thing, it tells me that we have learnt to demand more and expect better!

That is why a phrase like “the spirit of Bangalore” has not been coined yet (Mumbai). And it is not a “city of joy” (Kolkata) either. This city has instead taken the do-not-take-things-lying-down route.

So don’t tell me Kolkata is getting Bangalored. Bangalore’s miseries have only begun and will not last even one decade; while that joyful city has been a mess for decades now. And hang in there Ajay, positivity always wins.

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  1. Ajith (unregistered) on August 4th, 2006 @ 4:55 pm

    The Indian IT major based in Bangalore, where I work, there are no new projects coming up here in Bangalore. The new projects are all going Pune, Kolkata and Hyderabad and also Chennai to some extend.

    There is also a clear directive from the top management for not starting any new project in Bangalore unless clients demand it. The company has massively scaled up in other locations.

    I’ve also observed that most people currently based in Bangalore are not very enthusiastic about moving to other cities unless they have some personal/family commitments.

    Traffic congestion seems to be the main problem here. Hope we’ll be able to get some respite if all the new infrastructure initiatives (Elevated Highway, Metro/Mono, BIAL, BTRAC, More Volvos etc) get completed soon.

  2. silkboard (unregistered) on August 4th, 2006 @ 5:13 pm

    Right Ajith. I know first hand that 2 more cos, large IT multinationals, have similar policy in place – newer projects going to Noida, Chennai. But the decisions are more of wait-and-watch type than final full-stops.

    Bangalore may not be the best city to live in. But the point is – main reason Bangalore gets more infrastructure attention is because its residents are more vocal and demanding about it.

    Remember, acknowledging existence of a problem is the first step towards solving it.

  3. Ajay (unregistered) on August 5th, 2006 @ 9:53 am

    Having been in Bangalore all my life, it hurts to see the calm, quite and peaceful city of ours slowly but surely acquiring the wrong traits from our metros. The cosmopolitan nature which was a plus point for Bangalore till now is now proving to be its bane. Before my point is understood wrongly, I am totally against the “Amchi Mumbai” attitude that Shiv Sena tries to propogate in Maharashtra, but a collective conscience is a must and expecting that is not narrow-minded.

    But as long as the people coming into Bangalore get enamored by the true “Spirit of Bangalore”, I remain optimistic that things will only get better. :-)

  4. slipkorn (unregistered) on August 11th, 2006 @ 4:19 pm

    Well said silkboard.I get extremely agitated when people from out of town come into our city and bad mouth Bangalore. what they fail to realise is that its the entering of people liek them that actually brought about this infrastructure deficiency

  5. silkboard (unregistered) on August 12th, 2006 @ 8:48 pm

    Actually Ajay, you miss the point. Bangalore is and will be good because residents here make noise about things that are bad. They may be locals or non-natives, but collectively, Bangalore is developing this culture of “demanding”. Why I say this, and how it is coming about, I will save that for a post.

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