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This addictive thing called Google Earth

Time to play a game. Let us see how good you were at engineering drawing.
1) Where in Bangalore is this?

Alright, that was easy. If you didn’t know that one, stop. If you did, try some more.

Buffet lunches around Whitefield

Do you work in and around Whitefield, tired or bored of work and looking for a mid-day break and want to pamper yourself with a lavish buffet lunch? Here are some of the options for you.

Radha Hometel:
Where: At EPIP Phase II, opposite to SAP office
How much: Rs.250 inclusive of taxes.
They have pretty good main course that makes the lunch worth it. But the salads are avoidable. Desserts are just fine. Interiors are too cramped and as soon as you enter, you will see yourself wishing that they had fewer tables.

Where: ITPL mall
How much: Rs.300 plus taxes.
We had a pretty bad experience here. The soup was not presented on the buffet table and was served to us only when we asked if they have no soup. The main course has very limited variety and is nothing to boast of. Worst of all, there was no desserts with the buffet! We were presented desserts to choose from, which we thought is part of the buffet, but were in for a surprise when it was separately billed! Very overpriced and avoidable.

Mark Boulevard:
Where: At EPIP Phase II, opposite to iGate office
How much: Rs.250 inclusive of taxes.
Salads are excellent and so are the desserts. Ambience is good and the restaurant is very spacious. Main course does not have many choices, but whatever is presented is pretty good.

If you have plenty of time, and willing to drive further to airport road, Indi Joe has what is probably the most value-for-money buffet at Rs.150 plus taxes, and lot of options to choose from. But that’s a long drive, mind you.

I am not sure if Sinbad at ITPL serves a buffet. Has any one been there?

Minsk Square, Bangalore

Seems like a long time ago that I volunteered (thanks, R_C) to do a writeup about Minsk Square in Bangalore. Thereafter, events sort of careened out of control that delayed the post. Less said about them, the better!

Minsk is the capital city of Belarus; more details here. Very interesting history I tell you but the thing that captured my attention was this line.

Construction of the metro began in 1977, soon after the city reached over a million people and the first line with 8 stations was opened in 1984.

I can only sigh! Anyway, here are photos of Minsk Square in Bangalore. Actually, this park is a memorial – 1 of the 4 in Bangalore – honouring the Unknown Soldier.

This Weekend: Games & Anim Fest

The Association of Bangalore Animation Industry (ABAI) would be conducting a Game s & Animation Fest this Sunday (3 Sept 2006) at the IISC Campus.

I understand that Bangalore not only ships tons of software for technology but also ships “soft”ware for art. It is home for a lot creative folks who help in creating the magic on Hollywood movies.

So, if you are “games and animation” freak this is the place to be.

Celebs like Subhash Ghai & Mohandas Pai are expected to be present at the event.

More here.

I love animation and collect DVDs from Animatrix to Ice Age, Toy Story to Shrek. My mom keeps reminding me that I’m not a kid :-)

Do you love animation? Are you a “kid at heart”?

I’m one and I’m planning to be there… – Online Movie Rental Service.

Watching movies at home has never been easier!

Seventymm – is an online portal that offeres movie rental services. They have over 10,000 titles in Hindi, English, Kannada and other regional languages.

After you subscribe, you just log in with your username and password, create your own movie queue, and the movies are delivered to your doorstep, in the same order as your list.

Mysore highway to be six laned

How do you react to these lines I spotted in one corner of a newspaper front-page today?

Bangalore … Mysore … four lane highway will be upgraded into a six lane one. The CM will launch … on Tuesday.

Wonderful, right? But the cynic in me said, “Who the hell is in-charge of planning this highway?” They just finished upgrading the road to four lanes, and one more round of upgrade so soon? Why didn’t that planner guy think of a six-lane highway in the first place itself? I mean just do an 8 lane road one shot and get done with it. Bits and pieces planning like this just makes the road-upgrade work more time consuming and expensive.

Wait a minute. “Expensive”? Does that mean more money in the hands of those contractors? I wouldn’t know.

A few days ago, I had learnt that they would be upgrading this highway to bye-pass a few cities along the way. That too fits into this careless “bits and pieces” planning culture.

And while this highway goes from 2 lanes to 4 to 6 at a reasonable pace, an expressway planned 10 years ago (BMIC) is struggling along. Wonder why?

Cup of sorrows ‘runneth’ over?

Life is full of ironies. Ironies are all the more painful when they play with human life. All it could take for a precious life to end, is an accident – a cruel, brutal accident which can bring a bubbling, charming, young life to an abrupt halt. While one can sympathise with bereaved families, perhaps it is only the parents and the near and dear ones of young accident victims, who actually experience what it means to lose one’s loved ones, all of a sudden.

This para from a report of 2003 could very well have been written for todays news report in the TOI that has cruelly snatched the life of 71 year young Kalyani Biswas around the periphery of Ulsoor Lake, Bangalore.

The tragedy here was that the tractor that hit her was actually taking a Ganesha idol for immersion. Can anything be more ironical, more cruel than this?

One life, do more!

pic1.jpgOne life. Do more.” says their tagline. The company is called Fuller Life and has been operational in Bangalore for close to five years. For stressed out professionals, Fuller Life offers avenues to hone their interests, talents and skills in fields other than work and turn them into well rounded individuals.

It also aims to find people an ideal work-life balance. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, as we all know. So what does it really offer? In this interview, Arvind Krishnan of the Fuller Life offers an insight into how you can do more with one life.

The Fuller Life is also hiring people to work with them, so in case you’re looking for a job that is different, check out what they have to offer!

LPG Pumps

With the cost of petrol and diesel spiralling up, one has to start thinking at alternate means of fuel and/or transport. While the government is doing its bit in public transport by introducing more buses and more recently inaugurating the Metro Rail project, the onus is also on the people to find solutions in the mean time. Understanding that people today are both money conscious and environment conscious, Maruti has come out with the WagonR duo which helps in this direction. This is the first factory fitted LPG car entering the Indian market and marks the launch of LPG as an accepted alternate fuel.

Bowling of a different kind

I am not talking about running up to the crease and throwing a red leather ball which will then be just thwacked by the opposition. I am talking about bowling of the nine-pin kind.

Yes here too one has to run up to a certain line (equivalent to the crease) and then throw a ball at the nine pins facing you with an aim to blast all of them. I must admit the ball is definitely a lot heavier than the standard leather ball and also comes in various sizes (you can take your pick). Of course you do get two chances in each frame to knock down all of them.

This weekend I had been to Amoeba, a very popular gaming arcade off M.G.Road. The building has a restaurant called three quarter Chinese on the ground floor, the bowling alley on the first and a host of other games on the second. It also has a very good lounge type area adjoining the bowling alley which have wonderfully huge screens and are perfect for watching live football matches or in my case, the Turkish F1 Grand Prix.

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