Nisarga Garden Restaurant

What it is: Nisarga Garden Restaurant.

Location: am sure you’d find a way to the SPICE TELECOM office/ Prestige Towers on Infantry road. Now Nisarga is just next to that Prestige Towers building. A small driveway will lead you to the “garden” restaurant.
– Opp. Police Commissioner’s office – if that can help.

You enter the place and see that it’s divided into two sections, for no apparent reason, except one is raised. The raised one has a different feel to it though. And one may be pushed to think it’s the plants on the 20 meter driveway and the creepers under the only roof, no walls restaurant, is the garden.

Ambience: Noisy rather filled with working people during the lunch hour. Yet, the open atmosphere of the indoor garden [didn’t understand? Visit the place, you’ll know] compensates for the high decibel levels then. Evening is the perfect time to visit, it’s peaceful. Place is quite spacious, atleast the seating arraangement, considering the small area of the place. With the green colour dominating the grills. With an almost open, clean, kitchen.

What’s on the card? : It’s essentially a South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant. So all the normal south Indian fare, viz, Idlis, Dosas, the “baths”, with some surprising North Indian fare added. And the must, Chinese noodles, Manchurian, Fried rice. And some sweets to complete your meals. So nothing special about the menu. Yet, there’re some must tries: The Rava Idli, Gulab Jamun, Gobi Manchurian and the Bonda Soup.

Wallet take: a sumptuous meal with a drink [Coffee, Tea, Badam milk, juice, milkshakes etc] for a minimum of Rs.50.

Depends on when you’ve chosen to eat there. ‘Noons can ensure you a late lunch if it’s NOT the “Thalis” that you’ve ordered, due to the rush.
The waitrons can get slack. Irritated perhaps. Not all that bad, though.

Why the place? If you’re stuck somewhere near Infantry road, or office’s located there, you have a convenient, decent, reasonably priced restaurant to eat food that’s good and stuffing. And a comfortable atmosphere. Except lunch time, you can stay at the place for longer, even after filling the stomach. Ah! Carmelites and Students from other colleges nearby, have a great place that doesn’t drain their wallet, to eat and unwind at. Central location, and relatively unknown with people from other areas, who know no more than Chalukya here.

Watch out for: Unclean chairs, post-lunch especially. With people hogging as much as they can, they tend to spill stuff on the chairs, or the floor, so just watch out for that.
Parking for Two-wheelers is available but cars have to park inside the prestige towers building or find an alternative route. It can get a bit smok-filled, at lunch; especially at the section that faces the driveway, as most office-goers have that quick smoke before they’re back to work. Also, a confused blank stare and a subsequent polite “No, medam” from the waiter when you ask for “Idli Manchurian” that’s not there on the menu.

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  1. rubic_cube (unregistered) on July 28th, 2006 @ 10:03 pm

    Hey.. I used to do my PG @ NCST which used to be working from the VV Towers and this is where I had lunch 50% of the times between 13 July 1999 and 28 May 2000. Mornings are for steaming hot idlis and medu vade. Lunch used to be the economical meals. Evening times, one should eat the Paper Masala Dosa and Bonda Soup. WOW!

    You refreshed my memories…

  2. ramses (unregistered) on July 28th, 2006 @ 10:08 pm

    hey RC! forgot the Bonda soup.! should add that too!

    perfectly economical place with good food!

  3. rubic_cube (unregistered) on July 29th, 2006 @ 12:50 am

    @ ramses : Hmmm… I can never forget Bonda Soup! The first place that I discovered it and craved for it at every other place only to discover that the bonda soup that I relish is only available at Nisarga Garden.

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