Beat ’em with B-Trac

Saturday afternoon. The stretch on Hosur road between the cemeteries and Johnson market. Driving any vehicle at this place at this time is a sure recipe for hyper tension.
It is a well-known fact that it is a two way road but that seems to make no difference to most auto drivers and two wheeler drivers. A stranger to the scene might wonder if all the vehicles on the left of the yellow line are owned by idiots as they wait patiently for the traffic to move while these “smart” autos and motorcyclists whiz past the row of waiting vehicles on the right blocking the entire onward traffic. There is just one policeman for the stretch who is busy controlling the 4 way flow of traffic after Johnson market and so there is no one to check these “whiz” kids! And right when they reach the policeman they start cutting into the left lane to join the right side of the traffic again annoying the drivers who have been following the lane rules. No amount of honking, screaming and gesturing seems to deter them – only you end up getting stressed.I must add that not all two-wheeler drivers are guilty of this but almost all autos are.

Last Saturday the situation got worse when an ambulance was blocked because of these vehicles blocking the wrong side. It took a clear 5 minutes before the vehicles could be cleared to make way for the ambulance to pass. Totally avoidable chaos in a 2 way road where the ambulance could have passed smoothly had it not been for these donkeys blocking the way. I kept wondering what happened to the person in the ambulance – may be in the future, hospitals in Bangalore should use helicopters for ambulance services.
Thank god, I have a Wockhardt hospital right within walking distance

The chief minister’s 10 point program for improvement of the city traffic covers most of the traffic annoyances of the city. I suppose these offenders will be booked when the B-Trac system is in place. It is impossible for a policeman at the signal to monitor all these offenders and yet ensures the smooth flow of such peak traffic at these junctions. Apparently the first phase of monitoring of select traffic points has already commenced from the workstations at the Public Utility building. I hope this stretch is covered in the first phase. I am eagerly waiting for the results to start showing – will keep you posted!

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  1. Ravi (unregistered) on July 27th, 2006 @ 3:25 pm

    Can’t wait for b’trac.
    Hope it will be on track!

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