A sea change for Bangalore’s lakes?

I remember reading this article about converting lakes to entertainment centres and thinking that it might be a better idea than turning them sewage dumps. After all, Bangalore is known for its lakes and if the current trends are any indication, there won’t be any left after what’s been happening to them.

I read about Hebbal lake being taken over and being converted into some kind of resort. However, I am not sure what will happen from an environment perspective. I only hope they keep that in mind, when planning any development. I have spent a few happy hours bird watching at Hebbal Lake in the early mornings and it’s a lovely place to go. There are many small birds to be sighted around the lake and many water birds, including pelicans during the season.

Ulsoor Lake is another such water body which was recently spruced up. If you go early morning, you might sight folks learning how to row and joggers and walkers using the pathway around the lake for their early morning exercise.

Another recent report in the Times of India said that Nagawara Lake will soon offer a variety of boating and leisure options. The lake has been taken on a lease for about 15 years and the project came through a tender called by the state government. The lake was in an extremely bad shape and was maintained by the forest department.

It is perhaps high time for the state to look at giving out more lakes on lease and giving them a makeover. Every locality in Bangalore probably has a lake in its proximity and it would be so great if folks could enjoy a nice evening out there with their family and kids rather than the overcrowded malls. With enough entertainment facilities for kids, it could be a perfect alternative to malls and restaurants, which I am sure people throng to largely due to a paucity of entertainment places to go to.

Maybe a few years from now, all the lakes can get restored and Bangalore can boast to be a city of lakes as well as gardens!

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  1. tarlesubba (unregistered) on July 17th, 2006 @ 5:58 pm

    my 2 cents:

    a few trees and a little water donot automatically constitute an eco-system.

    yet it might be worthwhile to maintain these areas relatively un-poluted.

    if the ‘resort’ activities on these waters is limited to paddle boating/canoeing/kayaks/sail boats etc… then it may be fine. but if they introduce filmy water scooters, motor boats etc etc… that’ll lead to massive pollution with PCB levels that’ll put the stinkiest sewage to shame.

    there is a chance may be this idea will save the place. but this will need a comprehensive regulatory look in.
    these places ought to aim for energy and resource sufficiency. This might mean things like solar lighting, water recycling etc etc.
    garbage: strict no-no policy for any dumping in the waters. better- implement a carry in-carry out policy for garbage.

    it’ll be interesting to see what the city requires of these private players. if you have info please share.

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