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Which one do you listen to..

Create polls and vote for free.

Inspiration: Few days back I saw advertisements in an english daily; one claimed Bangaloreans listen to Mirchi and other one Radiocity.

Music and dance this weekend!

I had just written a couple of posts before about how the Alliance Française holds cultural events very frequently. Well, here’s one this weekend that you just can’t miss!

The Fête de la Musique is on Saturday to commemorate the 25th anniversary of World Music Day and anyone who’s a music lover has to be there…

Thejesh has posted more information here.

Here’s a sneak peek of the performers: Aurko, Bangalore School of Music, Bangalore School of Performing Arts, Galeej Gurus, Geetha Navale, Jazz Revival, Lounge Piranha, Maximum Pudding, Paradigm Shift, Parikrama Choir, The Raghu Dixit Project, Amit Heri Trio and dance performances by Body Language, Rock around the Clock, STEM, etc.

The event starts at 4.30 pm so those of you who are interested, do head to the Alliance over the weekend!

Reports about the radio war

The Hindu : Karnataka / Bangalore News : FM channel wars

Oh man! One of the best reports I’ve seen.

Less for More

Bangalorians pay more for fuel when compared to other Indian cities. The recent price hike has aggravated that.

How does one mitigate the impact of this rise? Some options…

For car owners:

1. Car pool! If you don’t, you’ll end up spending too much on feeding your car. The horrible traffic makes it even worse!

2. Get a co-branded credit card to get 5% discount on fuel charges. Warning: Some banks are known to play tricks here.

For the common man, who uses public transport:

Given the fact that BMTC is one of the very few profit making transport corporations around, it is obvious that it would want to stay profitable. That’s enough rationale for the recent fare hike!

1. Unless you are not in a hurry, take a private bus. They cost a buck or two less. But, they are extremely slow and test your patience at the bus stops calling for people to board their bus.

2. If you know that you are gonna travel a lot for the whole day, get a day pass. Hassle-free and cheap!

3. For short distances, three or more people sharing an auto would be cheaper.

I couldn’t think any other ways! Earn more, Use two wheeler, Sit at home???

BTW, The Hindu reports on some novel protest ideas :)

Mind your head

…If you have one.

Apparently that was a popular phrase sometime back. I suppose the Karnataka Government was thinking of the same thing, when, in its infinitesimal wisdom it deigned that moped-riders and pillions dont need protection for their heads(according to Vijay Times).

Effective from July, the Government proposes to re-introduce for the nth time, the law on helmets being compulsory for both two wheeler rider and pillion. And in that it has included an exception clause – if the two-wheeler is a moped, then the law doesnt apply.

So folks who jump from a bike to a moped grow an automatic crash protector around their heads, I suppose?

Pele in Gautampura?

The June 18, 2006 volume of The Week reports that

… the football crazy residents of Gautampura, (in Bangalore) have installed a statue of Pele, next to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s, in the local park.

Could not find the article on the net. The print version of the article has a photograph alongwith.

The Alliance Française de Bangalore – centre for culture and language

About 2 years ago, after landing in Bangalore, I decided it was high time I expanded my extra-curricular activities list since I had some time on my weekends. Learning a language had been on my list for a bit and I was short-listing my options. French was pretty much on the top of the list for no obvious reason though. I had these romantic notions of going to France and sitting at a roadside café and ordering coffee (in polished French, S’il vous plait!) at some point of time but I had no other reason.

Finally, after getting directions to the Alliance Française, I set off one day in an auto rickshaw. The building is easy to miss, situated as it is in the midst of a lot of greenery, trees and a large compound. After some navigation around that area, I saw the non-descript board announcing, ‘Alliance Française’ and stepped into the compound, immediately feeling at home.

Alliance Française de Bangalore


Taking some of the past into our future

A cousin, who lives in the United States, was here recently and we were discussing how Bangalore has changed. I asked her about the differences she felt from her student days here in Bangalore and now, 20 years later and what she missed of the old Bangalore in today’s city and life.
Here is what she said:
First thing that comes to mind is the increased pace of life – the rhythm of life has changed from its previous restful rhythm and slow sleepiness of a tourist town and centre of public sector operations to the hectic fast pace of a busy commercial metropolis driven mostly by private sector enterprise.

Second thing one notices is that there is largeness everywhere – the supermarkets, the malls and the smaller shops where one interacted on a personal basis have disappeared. The shop owner in the locality who knew your family and made warm enquiries about you and family, who knew which type of hingu madam preferred and sent it when the child went to buy it – is a fast disappearing breed.

Football Fever

With the world cup around the corner, I wonder what are the places to be @ Bangalore!

Last time around, I was in Mumbai. I remember watching matches in the giant screen at Crossroads mall with beer purchased from a nearby store. Also, all major pubs had their own giant screen and I used to frequent “Zwigs” in Powai as it was the closest to my place of stay.

Folks tell me that PVR is planning to screen the matches. But I’m not sure if watching the match without a beer will be too much phun ;-)

Do you know of any pubs that have plans for this world cup? What is your favorite (public) place to view the matches – pubs, theatres or otherwise?

Life’s a roll, isn’t it?

Waiting patiently on my scooter – smack in the middle of a jam – for the traffic light to turn green at the Old Madras – CV Raman Nagar junction today, I was hit from behind by a TATA Sumo ferrying BPO employees. Okay, perhaps thats an exagerration. I was nudged from behind. Still, it was sufficient to give a rude shock. Any harder and I would have fallen over backwards, onto the main road.

On turning around, all I could see was the driver from behind his wheel, wearing a nonchalant expression and offering neither an explanation nor an apology.

Never in the 2 weeks of coming back to Bangalore did I feel such fury as I did today. Had the children been on the scooter, things would have perhaps taken a turn for the worse. Fury would have turned into violence.

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