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Iyengar Bakeries

Nice to be writing for the MB after a long time. And what might a foodie like me love to start again with? Something connected with food! And its the bakeries that dot every street of our town. More specifically Iyengar Bakeries.

Eradu Kanasu

I have simply lost count of the times that I have travelled by KSRTC services between Chennai to Bangalore & vice versa.

But I have to say yesterday night’s trip was a most memorable one. ‘Eradu Kanasu’ the film starring Dr. Rajkumar, Manjula and Kalpana was shown on video. And what a film it was. Though a tearjerker & melodramatic, it had me totally in its grip. The films spans a variety of emotions connected with love – spousal, filial, unrequited etc. Unfortunately, just as the film was reaching its climax ( & I’m sure it would have been very poignant!) it was switched off! No screening of movies past midnight, say the rules, apparently!


I quite liked Jukebox, this quaint little restaurant on 7th Block, Koramangala. Had spent countless evenings devouring the delicious food or wincing at the flat beer there. I loved the old-world ambiance, the staunch refusal to change with the times, the posters of BB King and Otis Redding on the wall, Vinyl covers of Sinatra and Skeeter Davis, of a much younger (and not yet muscled up) Madonna, and even that cranky old AC. You didn’t go to Jukebox to have a good time, you went there to take it easy.


Film on Bangalore Police and LTTE – Cyanide

Kannada movie called Cyanide is making news. The movie is based on Shivarasan and Shubha who were behind the assassination of former PM Rajiv Gandhi on May 21, 1991. The film is about the incidents that happened between Aug 1 and 20 in 1991. The story ends with Shivarasan and Shuba ending their lives with Cyanide. poster.jpg

According to the reviews the story is realistic and humane. The movie also speaks about the role of Bangalore police in finding them. So you can see Kemapiah (played by Avinash) on screen.The cast includes Ravi Kale as Shivarasan ,Malavika (do you watch Muktha?), Tara National award winner; in main roles. The movie is directed by Ramesh.

Singapore chalo

Namma Kumaraswamy-avare is off to Singapore. So says this news report. Of course, this is not to guess that this is his first trip to Singapore. Its possible that HDK would have visited Singapore earlier – as a tourist. These days, everybody who wants to holiday, is heading that way! Its cheaper and less taxing than visitiing Agra to see the Taj Mahal. Anyway, I’m digressing.

I know this is his first trip to the city-state as CM of Karnataka. I will stand corrected, though. Amongst other things,

He will also meet officials from Singapore companies in the infrastructure, water technology and logistics sectors


Divide and Rue?

To me, the word ‘immigrant’ rankles. In a world which is embracing diversity, tolerance & acceptance, ‘immigrant’ seeks to diffrentiate people based on origin and domicile and in the process makes them feel like ‘outsiders’.

Strange how people term Bangalore as being an ‘inclusive’ city while at the same time, we have irresponsible media organisations that take such ‘divisive’ words to a different level.


Pollution- any solution?

Respiratory diseases are increasing at an alarming rate of 5- 6% every year in the city according to a specialist in asthma, allergy and respiratory diseases. A study by Traffic Engineers Safety Trainers has revealed that nearly 22% children in the city are affected by the air pollution. Cause: pollution through fuel emission from vehicular traffic.
Water borne diseases have been on the rise particularly gastroenteritis and it is particularly worrisome during monsoon season. The water treatment plants are overfed and many layouts use untreated water.
Noise pollution is increasing mostly due to the auto rickshaws which have become an essential means of transport in the city. The second culprits are the BMTC buses.
Then there are the open drains all round the city, garbage dumps in every layout, lakes polluted through dumping of industrial waste and other domestic waste, drains being clogged by plastic waste.
Where are we headed? What can we do to arrest this?

Namma Metro – Part Three

In my enthu, it seems I have jumped the gun in my post of yesterday regarding the inauguration date. No matter. All of you have been kind in NOT pointing out the same.

To make up for the mistake, I give you – 100% fresh – some pics from the foundation stone laying ceremony at Police Grounds today. Any earlier and you would have got it live, I tell ya! ;)

On Cubbon road, all sorts of buntings, posters, banners et al turning the event into a festive one of sorts!

Namma Metro – part two

Somebody tell me that there is a printer’s devil at work in this extract of a report from the Printers (Mysore) Pvt. Ltd flagship English paper….i.e Deccan Herald

About 12 to 14 lakh Bangaloreans will lose their houses or businesses in the land acquisition for Metro Rail.

If the above figures are correct, that translates to about 20% of Bangalore’s population. A development such as this which impacts & displaces so many people will be a minefield for any government, state or centre.

Tussi Pataki.

The title transliterates to “a dud bomb/cracker” (translates more correctly to damp squib) – which was what the Bangalore University’s new regulations on segregating men and women in the classroom, and dress code turned out to be.
After all the hype, hoopla and brouhaha over it, the “wise” men and women of the BU’s syndicate decided it wasnt so relevant after all. And there was a face saving claim of it only being a suggestion.
Maybe someone told them that education is their primary goal, and not moral policing?

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