Jumping the signal – law enforcers or law breakers?

I havent jumped a red signal ever – and apart from good traffic sense, an incident about a few months after I started driving served to instil the “Dont jump a red signal” rule even more forcefully.

It was at Tiffany’s junction where Kasturba Rd, Vittal Mallya Road, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road from etc., – 6 in all meet.
I was right up on the line on my side. As was my wont then, I was the first one off once we got a green – and before I could blink, an auto came speeding from the Kasturba Road, slammed into my bike – missing my leg by an inch or so – and flew, yes, flew into the opposite side of Kasturba road. Luckily, for everyone else, it did not hit anyone/anything else. And the guy escaped (constable borrowed someone’s scoot to give chase).
Ever since – I try not to be first to get off on a green.

So when I read about an ACP breaking the law – and a red signal, at that, it incensed me, to say the least.

Swaroop Srinath writes about a cop who he saw breaking a red light, and who later turned out to be the Assistant Commisioner of Police:

I was riding my motorbike on St. John’s Church Road and stopped for a red light at the junction where Cavalry Road ends, and Wheeler Road begins. (It is little known that this junction is called Prof.A.M. Dharmalingam Circle, for the only indication to this effect is a much vandalised, faded yellow board on a pavement. Note, there is also no circle.) All lights for pedestrians were green. On the opposite end of the junction (coming from Ulsoor Lake), I saw a traffic patrol car stop briefly at the signal. Tata Sumo, with “TRAFFIC POLICE” printed on the sides. In it was a constable (at the wheel), and an officer beside him. Defying all logic, and breaking the very rules they are meant to uphold, these guys just jumped the signal!! They turned right, onto Wheeler Road, and sped away!! My jaw dropped. I knew these guys were a degenerate lot, but this one was an officer, for god’s sake!!

And Srinath, on a rush of adrenalin followed the guy, and got these details of Name, Rank and Vehicle number:

ACP M. Krishnamurthy
KA-03 G-24

Apparently, that wasnt the first time the same ACP’s behaviour was unbecoming of his rank and duty.

This is not to be confused as painting all of Bangalore’s police as bad, btw. There have been a couple of times when I have personally seen them respond admirably. But, the ACP does need to be punished.

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  1. rubic_cube (unregistered) on May 8th, 2006 @ 11:22 pm

    BG – what kind of comments are those? Spam?

    BTW – I was taken aback by the ACP’s response that “These rules do not apply to us”. What sort of nonsense was he speaking being a Traffic ACP himself? Do these law-makers or law-keepers understand what job they are doing?

  2. Santosh (unregistered) on May 9th, 2006 @ 1:14 am

    ha.. let me tell you i was bangged in ganagama circle by a bullet.. 9 stiches.. and he escaped..
    my mistake was to folow the traffic rules.. and keep on right lane..

    2nd instance : Bel circle near tumkur road.. no one stops at red signal.. all just zooms.. well i stop even if no one is there on the other side.. :)

    3rd : cunningam road… a road from Police station to cunningam road is one way.. i was crossing (walking) suddenly i saw a bike other side.. i shouted thsi is one way.. he laughs and says he is police.. WTF!!

    4th : NEW bel road .. near MS Ramiha hospital.. a man talking on mobile without headphones.. he was blocking my way..a nd he was talking and laughing.. isaid stop and talk… he did not.. after some 250mts.. i again said.. “sir please stop somewher and talk..ur blcoking” he says.. “Eee Shutup man.. u go” What the F*uk…
    i said i told it for ur good and in a good way.. he did not respond.. i went off..

    i dunno what to do.. i want everyone to stop at signal lights.. Mr police are you reading.. how do i submit it to the main police guy.. they should impose heavy fines.. and tere should be annual licence renewal.. or veichle renewal where all can be monitered and they can be caught..

    and a police have rights not to stop if he is chasing or with siren (whcih says he is in emergency) but he can be questioned by his fellow mates…

  3. BangaloreGuy (unregistered) on May 9th, 2006 @ 6:02 pm


    Yeah, Spam. Got rid of it now.

    Yeah, Coppers dont know the traffic rules most of the time, much less follow it.

    I know about the Siren thingy, but from the looks of it, I think Swaroop meant that these folks were not running a siren.

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