The Silk Route(s) in Bangalore

It was kinda difficult to digest this news. Seemed unbelievable. I mean, was it for real? I pinched myself, drew blood. Well, almost.

Rs 1.15 crore proposed per km. of road ‘rehabilitation’ as against average current spend of Rs 12 lakhs??! I mean, wow… thats almost a 1000% – if my math is anywhere near right! – increase. No middle of the road attitude finally in spending (that the money is coming out of loans is another matter!) for infrastructure. I wonder at the arrival of which crossroad(s) in decision making did the powers-to-be decide to adopt a ‘paradigm shift’ in thinking. Public ridicule & ‘brick’bats, for two? Anyway.

After pounding the pavement – no exaggeration, this! – for proof of this development, I hit pay dirt. It’s actually happening! Yes, the contract(s) has been awarded…work is in progress. One of them:


Just for the above stretch – Kamanahalli Main Road – consistently been nominated as among the ‘worst’ in Bangalore – I wouldn’t mind even if double the money was being spent. So pathetic has been its condition & so hellish has been the experiences of its users.

On the anvil for this new & hopefully, an all-weather road:

• 50mm macadam as foundation
• 30 mm of bituminous concrete over the macadam
• Pavements / Street lighting
• Signage’s / Medians with plants, grass / other ‘beautifying’ stuff

The best part of this development, if I interpret the material composition above right, is the fact that tar is not going to be used. As everybody and his uncle knows, that was how contractors earlier were merrily conducting highway robbery: tarring & re-tarring the same road year after year, come & after rains! [that many citizens would have tarred & feathered these guys black & blue is yet another story altogether!]

I can’t wait for just this single road to be over! Road rage percentage across Bangalore will dip, take my humble (?) word, for it! But having become a cynical, long-suffering Bangalore citizen, I realize that while it may not turn out to be the proverbial bed of roses, as long as it is a not bed of nails er, craters, it doesn’t matter!!!


PS: If all these roads get repaired, I guess this site will then take the high road to oblivion?

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  1. BangaloreGuy (unregistered) on April 27th, 2006 @ 6:28 pm

    Nothing new.
    If I remember right, the Silk Board flyover on Hosur Road cost 4.5 lakh Rs. Per Metre! (that was about 3-4 years back)

    If anything a look at the status boards on all these projects are an eye-opener. Rajiv Gandhi’s 14 paisa comment still holds.

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