When fun is your agenda…

When fun is your agenda, then hit Bangalore. If you feel a little under weather, pamper yourself in Bangalore. If every little step counts, then fly free in Bangalore. If sizzling oppurtunities is for the grabs, get cracking with Bangalore. If snappy excitement charms you, lash Bangalore.

Glamour, IT, Modernisation, Fashion, New era,Llifestyle, Sports, Culture, Entertainment ,Economic Revolution, Social Trends etc., You name it. You get it.

Sounds like an yellow page ad? Pretty much! But this is what Bangalore is today. An icon for the go-getter. Like all good things are complimented by a bout of negativity, Bangalore too has it’s own pitfalls. But then, it is in the eyes of the behlolder. Rather it is in the hands of the part-taker.

Like people eat BEVU-BELLA(Neem-Jaggery) during Ugadi in Karnataka to symbolise the acceptance of joy and sorrow with equally open arms, let us drive a little slow, wear our fazed out hearts on sleeves, sidestep the unmarked divider, swerve past a hurdle, mind the impediments, gasp at a traffic blockcade,try not to feed our hungry bodies with all the polluting smoke, kiss the dust away ….and as we do that, let us stop by a spa, ogle at the fashion-icons, chillax with a mug of beer, reach out for a cuppa, virtually revel in the cyberworld, be a gadget freak, have a lifestyle of a wseterner and a heart of a true Indian.

It my city, it your city, it is our city. Welcome Bangalore in your world. A burgeoning city->doing India and the world proud.

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