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Vodkathon – April 1 2006

If you happen to love nursing a glass of chilled vodka with a couple of like-minded friends, then this is the “do” you got to be at. And the fun part is you got to blog after each round of vodka.

Prabhu (a.k.a Ferrari), Madman and Chenthil are conducting the unique “Vodkathon” at Madman’s restaurant, Shiok. On April Fool’s Day {April 1 2006}.

Check this slick video made by Ferrari for the event.

To know more about the Vokdathon, please visit this page on Ferrari’s blog.

It’s your opportunity to get *spirited* in life! :-)

The Quiz season

The quizzing season has taken off in bangalore. With the UTPT(Under the Peepal Tree) quiz fest kicking it off last week at RV college and IISc hosting a quiz tomorrow, its going to be a fun week for quizzers. Even IEEE joined in by hosting their quiz(Impetus) last Monday. Some upcoming quizzes – KCT Rotaract Quiz on April 2, Brainquake at The College Auditorium on 7th April, etc.

Connected World!

This is good news! You can now access a global family from your deskstop. The folks at have developed an RSS feed which will enable you access to all 44 cities of the metroblogging network. Isn’t that just awesome?

So update your RSS readers and travel the world!

Here’s the URL:

A Coffee that you can munch on

It is a well known fact that Bangalore is the launching ground for most new trends – be it fashion, technology, food and … even coffee. There were coffee bars in India and then came Cafe Coffee Day. It literally changed the way we look at coffee. Coffee is now a preferred beverage amongst the high society as well. Cafe Coffee Day took the Indian style to the world and won a prestigious award at the international event with its “Kaapi Nirvaana”. Then came Barista, Coffee World and other coffee bars that are cashing in on this new cool identity associated with coffee.

Innovation never stops at these coffee bars. Each coffee bar recreating the caffeine magic in their own way to offer a unique definition to their coffee experience. Espressos, Cappuchinos, Cafe Lattes, Cold Coffees, Granitas (crushed ice and coffee), Coffees with flavored creams etc. – all these fill the menu at each bar. Ofcourse, each menu has its own exotic naming scheme for the same coffee. An extra large serving of your favorite hot coffee is called a Cafe Grande at Cafe Coffee Day. Arabian Sparkle is the name of a iced coffee with ice cream and patent garnishing. And so on…

Enter a new variety of coffee that would redefine the way you have your coffee. You would normally sip, gulp, swallow your coffee. How about munching your coffee?

Coffee World is now offering a new coffee that you can munch. This idea is not new as such. It was first created in Italy. And for the first time in Asia, Coffee World is lauching this style of coffee in India. It should be quite an interesting experience to munch through your coffee.

To find out where you can enjoy the “munchable” coffee right here in Bangalore, check this link. Scroll down to India and look for locations in Bangalore.

Crunch through it, munch it… enjoy your coffee in a whole new style!

Happy Ugadi

Come March and Karnataka looks forward to celebrating its New Year. Called as “Ugadi” and falling on March 30th, it is also celebrated in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh and as “Gudi Padva” in Maharashtra. Udagi ushers in the New Year for those who follow the Chandramana system. Festivity descends all over the land. People visit their relatives, shops declare big discounts and make lots of sale on this day.

Directing humanity

Old, could be bracketed under the “economically challenged section of society”, regular [in his duty], and someone who’d cheer you up with his “gut [good] morning” and the salute that goes with it. ……..

Bangalore’s monuments

With all the numerous constructions in the city, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find beautiful and eye-catching buildings. Newer constructions with glass facades and towering heights looks chic and elegant, but it’s those stone pillar columns and beautifully curved domes that I’d rather feast my eyes on any day.

In Bangalore, one of the most beautiful buildings in my eyes, is the Vidhan Soudha. However, many ever times I pass by, I amaze at its grace and beauty. And opposite is an equally grand and beautiful building – that houses the Karnataka High Court. I often take this route, even if it’s not by my way. In winter, against the orange and red hued skies, it paints a pretty picture and I’ve often stopped to click the monument.

Vidhan Soudha

This photograph was taken one evening around 9 pm, when alongwith a couple of friends, we decided to go and shoot the Vidhan Soudha at night.

The Vidhan Soudha is the State Secretariat of Karnataka and was built in the year 1954. The architecture of the building is based on the neo Dravidian style and Kengal Hanumanthaiah, the Chief Minister of what was then called the Mysore State between 1951-1956, was responsible for the concept.

Which is your favourite building in Bangalore?

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